A hand drawn 2-D Animated and live action feature film, about love and longing, Doctors and astronauts .

THe Orbit of Minor Satellites Feature Film by Chris Sullivan

THe Orbit of Minor Satellites Feature Film by Chris Sullivan

THe Orbit of Minor Satellites Feature Film by Chris Sullivan THe Orbit of Minor Satellites Feature Film by Chris Sullivan THe Orbit of Minor Satellites Feature Film by Chris Sullivan

About the Film


Director & Cast

Director & Cast


The Orbit of Minor Satellites is an independent animated feature about a Psychiatrist, and his long time patient, the narrative unfolds during the period of healing, where the patient is ready to leave the care of her doctor, and both are negotiating this triumph, and this loss. The film is a conversation betweentwo parallel narratives, The Psychiatrists office, and a Soviet American Space station, that is a hallucinatory world of The patient Rosemary's mind. 

The Orbit of Minor Satellites is the second  independently produced feature animation by Chris Sullivan

Producer and director of Consuming Spirits, This 2012 feature played world wide, with its theatrical premiere at New York’s Film Forum .  "Critic's Pick.  Entirely original. . .an inquiry into the darkest zones of the human heart. . .Weaves a complicated, intoxicating spell…a wonder." - 

A.O. Scott, New York Times 

Director & Cast

Director & Cast

Director & Cast

The Film is written and Directed, and lead animated by Chris Sullivan 


Acting in The film is

 Derwood Richards - T.J. Jagodowski Rosemary Hamm -Silvia Abelson, Herschel Browning, -Jared Larson,  , Laura Harrison -Caroline Richards, Frankie Kruvand- Paula Richards

  Sergey Malrody-Chester Bruel

Mrs Hamm Natasha Malrody

 Boris Karloff as the Buffalo

Cinematography -Leah Corbin 

Animation, Chris Sullivan ,-Olivia Rogers-Sara PAyne- Pablo Lorenzana-Guilermo Ridriguez-Lilli Carré -Qiyun Kang-Maleney Lopez-Jenny Chen-

Cory Feder-Lisa Peterson

Models, backgrounds

Sharrzad Mohammedain

Chris Sullivan

David Mitchell

Andra Helton

Music by-by Joshua Dumas

with Frankie Kruvand, -Sarah Noël Mcconnell- Natasha Malrody

Coming Soon!

Director & Cast

Coming Soon!

The Film is in it's last year of production, and is slated for release  to the

 festival world  in 2020-2021

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Orbit of Minor Satellites Trailer

Check out this great video

link to a wonderful online Journal Hoosac Institute. with my Diary of the making of the film.

This is a link to The Hoosac Institute's Piece on the film

Additional Information

Chapters from THE TROJAN RABBIT, my Diary of the film.

Orbit Clip of The week. March 16th

In this seen Derwood Richards recieves a letter delivered  from outer  space . Rosemary relates her knowledge of events 

Clip of The week February 27th

Spirits haunt the halls, From the caves of steel on the Moon Maelstrome, Qiyun Kang animator.

Techinical tip of the week, cutting out drawings

how to cut out pencil drawings as cells. 

introducing out core crew and some extras.

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Acknowledgment and thanks

Thank You!  William Seine, Elsa Lanchester, Renee McCarthy, Jilli Rose, Cate Vermeland, Lily Rosen,  Mary Hawthorn,  Sam Forman, Dick Blau-Susanna Coffey- Laura Saaf-Laura Harrison. and Anonymous? 

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Trailer for Consuming Spirits & rental link

Here is the Link to My first Feature Consuming Spirits,  2012, with rental link.  Enjoy.


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